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Urban Break XL travel bag – BP Mix


Medium size travel bag.

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The Urban Break XXL is a medium size travel bag that provides sufficient room for short-term travels or different day to day activities where more storage room is what you need.

It comes with a generous size of 45 x 24 x 28 cm, L x W x H. (variable height depending on the content of the bag)  100 cm total circumference.

Due to the fact that all our bags are handmade their look may vary from one to another making each and every one a unique product.

This specific bag was created from a mix (super dark brown with plum) of Hero half bovine with smooth touch and firm hand-feel leather from Mastrotto – Italy.

~Please activate blue light filter on your device when viewing the photo gallery so that colors will not be distorted and thus getting the closest to reality overall image of this bag.~


  • large zipped compartment
  • strong canvas lining
  • inside large zipped pocket and 2 open  pockets
  • outside zipper pocket for wallet, accessories, and phone.
  • detachable shoulder strap with leather shoulder protection adjustable on the whole length from 1:1 to 1:2 ratio
  • strong hardware.
  • 2 way attaching systems for the shoulder strap depending on the filling of the bag.

We offer you free laser engraving for name or initials on each product. Please follow the procedure HERE!

After placing the order you can send us an email at if your desired personalization requires more details.



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