The Six-packer B.E.E.R Bag II – Vintage Black


Six pack beer bag


A truly great option for carrying your beer bottles or cans that not only is a long-lasting product that will help you give up using so many plastic bags but will also make a beautiful impression on your friends when meeting up for a barbecue or just for fun.

    This specific item is made from full-grain grained strong leather that can take much wear and tear during its lifetime and will always look so much better when aging developing a unique time patina and will change color to darker shades as it is exposed to the elements.

*For this specific destination, water and moisture in general, especially from condensation on the cold beer bottles, its a real fact and must be taken into consideration for the effect that it has on the leather. When wet, the leather will become more flexible but when it dries it is becoming harder than the original new condition. We recommend being stored or put out to dry on a flat surface with bottles inside to keep its shape in time. One a year or before storing it for longer periods of time we recommend you apply a thin layer of leather cream/ leather milk to help preserve the leather. Doing so you will have a lifetime companion with one unique look.


  • Fits all types of 0.5 L / 16.9 Oz bottles or cans. X 6 pcs.


We offer you free laser engraving for names or initials on each product. Please follow the procedure HERE!

Before placing an order you can send us an email at if your desired personalization requires more details.




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