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OSS Rucksack – Vintage light cognac

Medium size rucksack


First released in 2017, the OSS Rucksack comes back to life with a new Alpine look and many more details in construction.  The model itself is a timeless piece as it has a very long history and will keep n making history for years to come.

This specific item was created using Crazy-Horse effect type leather that will develop a beautiful used vintage patina. All scratches and wear signs gathered during its lifetime will only complete its unique look.  The overall image can be unified yearly by appling a neutral leather milk for extra protection. (Colour may change into darker shades)

Size: 45 cm overall height, 33 cm wide, 88 cm circumferance.

  • Large main compartment closed with leather lace and flap (leather lace on flap for ataching small items like a hat or other similar clothing items.
  • 2 outside pockets with flap and buckles.
  • 2 bottom detachable leather straps for blanket, sleeping bag, jackets & more.
  • Fully lined main compartment.
  • Extra zipper pocket inside on the back.
  • Adjustable shoulders straps.

*Sheep skin with wool not included!

We offer you free laser engraving for name or initials on each product. Please follow the procedure HERE!

After placing the order you can send us an email at office@mikesfactory.com if your desired personalization requires more details.

**This bag is also available made to order on different combinations of leather chosen by the customer from our leather stock. Contact us for details!

Just like the bag itself, prices are custom made depending on leather chosen by the customer and desired details of personalisation.


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