About us

Mike's Team

This section was initially so long that it would have competed for the best boring text ever written. So we deleted it before anybody could fall asleep on their keyboard reading it.

Our story is in fact quite simple.

It’s a story from Transylvania of a simple family that took a decision. A decision to make things different and change their life.

Mike’s Factory is pretty much the same age as our daughter Carola. Little did we know in 2015 that with that small piece of leather which ended up in our hands by chance everything was about to change.

First, there was a bracelet and a wallet, and soon we were singing Happy 1’st Anniversary to our daughter surrounded by boxes of leather, tools, accessories and all of these were happening in our small kitchen where our first bags were made.

Very soon after we realized that Carola’s best friend was Adler… Durkopp Adler being said, yes, the sewing machine, the only babysitter we ever had with a sound that made her sleep like an angel.

This made us think and soon the decision followed. We decided to take a chance and follow our new passion. This was soon our full-time job and before we took another glimpse we had opened our small workshop where we currently create all of our products.

With our background in luxury fashion and retail we developed strong sentiments against what is now happening in this industry, it’s all about profits now, how to make it cheaper, faster and get the biggest profits. It is so rare now that people have the option to buy products that last a lifetime, not mentioning having a fair price for such a product.

So we’re now following our passion, our dream, and our promise. Our passion for leather, our dream to travel the world and our promise to make products that last.

Since October 2020, our life journey has brought us to another place we now call home, the beautiful land of Vorarlberg – Austria, in the middle of Europe. Here we are working in building our workshop in the city of Feldkirch together with our partner and good friend Alessandro Santella, the local shoemaker.

Join us in our journey at Mike’s Factory and let’s make this the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

“Making leather dreams come true”

Mike, Mary & Carola