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One hobby turned into a passion and shared by all members of our family is how it all started...


We design and build handcrafted and handmade leather products not to impress our clients with fast fashion but to provide them with the real experience that all leather products should come with by making them last long.


We work constantly on improving the crafting skills that we only acquired by self-discipline, self-learning and a constant desire to build useful and longlasting products.


It's all about choosing to do what you like in life and by doing so you grow happiness in your family and community, you grow organically with no restraints, therefore, you are free.

About the work we do

Mike's Factory started as a simple after work hobby, it grew very fast in something we couldn't imagine at that moment but as time passed we took things even more seriously and we started investing more and more time in learning the art and techniques of leathercrafting thus bringing back old traditions and help preserve them for future generations.  It may sound like a cliche, but nowadays very few are still willing and have the passion required to learn these crafts. In a digital and consumer-powered world, we lose track of many of the past traditions that have been with us for centuries so we make a commitment by doing our part in keeping these traditions alive.  

Our family is our team!

Mike's Team
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Der Schuhmacher - Alessandro Santella

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